Project Update 3/26/2015

Interior Construction Progress


Kitchen hood installed. 

Fire suppression system installed.  

Kitchen FRP material on site. 

Blocking for cabinetry in progress. 

Ejector pump installed. 

Kitchen equipment order finalized. Equipment to arrive in approximately five weeks.  


Lift installation complete.

Vents need to be installed at the elevator shaft bulkhead. A 24” x 24” and a 15” x 15” vent need to be installed. Vents to have dampers and bug screens. 

Elevator rail installation complete. 

Elevator cab installed. Floor installation pending (to be installed by elevator sub). 

Dedicated LAN phone lines are needed for both the elevator and the lift. Shafts have been prewired for phone installations and the phone lines have been ordered from Verizon. 

General Areas

Gym sheetrock installed. Taping in progress. 

FRP to be installed in the perimeter of the gym 8’ high. 

Door frames and sidelights installed at classroom entrances. 

High impact sheet rock wainscoting to be installed in the classroom perimeter 4’ high. 

Fireproofing applied to structural steel. 


LED fixtures to be installed throughout space. Bulk of fixtures ordered.  

Electrical conduit at point of entry enclosed in concrete. 


Men’s bathroom demolition complete. 

Bathroom finishes being selected. Construction to be scheduled.

Exterior Construction Progress

Concrete pad for HVAC equipment to be poured next week. 

Elevator vents to be installed next week. 

Roofer to visit the site to review repair scope next week. 

Curb height for fence TBD; may be raised. 

Top soil to be installed and sprayed with seeding. 


Steel installation complete. Wood capping and water proofing complete.  

Temporary roof has been installed. 

Skylight is in fabrication. To be shipped to site 4/13. Shipping is approximately 4 days; installation 5 days.

Community Affairs

Quiet work only 4/9-4/10 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM. 

Project meeting on 4/9 to begin at 8:30 AM. 

Annual Public Assembly (FDNY) and Elevator (third party) inspections will occur after the initial inspections. 

Some weekend construction work to be scheduled. 

SMAOC contacted NYC/311 multiple times to discuss tree stump removals. SMAOC to contact community board to request help with stump removal. 

SMAOC applied for a security and a theatre stage equipment grant. 

The viewing party date to be confirmed once skylight schedule is confirmed. The completion date is anticipated to be mid-late May.